Project Personnel

Project Director

Prof. Dana Bourgerie. Professor, Asian and Near Eastern Languages.


Dr. Brian Croxall, Office of Digital Humanities (Technical Director)

Cambodia Coordinators

SOEUR Vanna Roth
Past: KEO Somaly, NHEM Sokunthea 

Project Assistants

Thomas Barrett (Volunteer work, translation, social media)
Debra Williams (Database, heritage community outreach)
Hannah Breinholt (Khmer-English translation)
Edmund Ellsworth(Khmer-English translation)

Past: Styles Welier, Allison McIllece Lasswell, Lauren Dance Somsen, Micheal King, Jeremy Hills, Madeline Mortell, PEN Seyon, Thomas Anthony, Elizabeth Cook Anderson, Thomas Anthony, Bryan Brittain, Sarah Collins, Jorden Denkers, Whitney Haddock, Hans Nilsson, NOUN Channika, Sam Osborne, Michael Schwendiman, LENG Theary 

Colbalt Speech Collaboration
Ammon Shurtz 
Kalliyan Lay 
Allison McIllece Lasswell


Nathan Kou (Winter 2022)
Michael Schwendiman (Winter 2020)
Allison McIllece (Winter 2019/Fall 2019)
Jorden Denkers/Theary Leng (Spring/Summer 2018)
Wesley Crump (Winter 2017)
Bryan Brittain (Spring/Summer 2017)
Thomas Anthony (Fall 2017)
Tyler Jorgenson (Spring/Summer 2016)
Matthew Boyd (Winter 2016)

Student Developers

Past: Eddy Hsu, Jinlin Zhu, Scott Cheng, Caleb Thompson, Kelly Woods


BYU College of Humanities
BYU Humanities Center (Founding Sponsor)

BYU Faculty and Staff Group

Matthew Ancell (Interdisciplinary Humanities)
Jill Rudy (Folklore)
Christopher “Chip” Oscarson (Comparative Studies and Interdisciplinary Humanities)
Shane Harrison (Office of Information Technology)


Ken and Salli Hollenzer (Portland, OR). Former Cambodia Family History Missionaries
Vichit Ith (Phnom Penh and Singapore) French Cambodian Businessman


We would like to thank all those who have volunteered doing translation, who are contributing their time and talents to help this project succeed. If you would like to volunteer please follow this link: Volunteer!

Current Translators:
Hannah Breinholt
Edmund Ellsworth

Current Volunteers:
Kayleigh Lunsford
Andrew Peterson
Morgan Menlove
Samuel Peterson
Kylee Butts