Foreign Language Activity Commons

Welcome to the FLAC

The Foreign Language Activity Commons is your place to keep up with international television, study verb conjugations with classmates, bring your club to sing, dance and eat, or just curl up with a book in your language of choice. Visit with the attendant for more information or scheduling help

The Foreign Language Activity Center has three purposes:

A. To provide a space where language classes may conduct cultural and culinary activities.The Foreign Language Activity Center has three purposes:

B. To give the language and cultural clubs a space to meet.

C. To give students who wish to improve or maintain their language skills a place to study, meet, and engage in language conservation.

The FLAC is open to general student use each weekday and may be scheduled by any BYU class, department, club or student group; however, first priority will always be to College of Humanities language activities. Other use requires permission from the FLAC supervisor.

Resources include multi-standard VCR’s and and region-free DVD/Blu-ray players output to five large screen televisions, a food preparation area with stove, microwave, fridge, and sink; counter top and tables for eating, and a large activity room that can be divided into two smaller rooms, with plush chairs.

The FLAC also has a small library of foreign language books and church magazines.

Students and faculty are welcome to reserve the FLAC for events in accordance with FLAC policies.

Contact Information

Phone: 801-422-9295 (FLAC 2-7103)
FAX: 801-422-0304
Address: B003 JFSB