“Three-Mile Radius” Featuring Lance and Jacqui Larsen


Three-Mile Radius, a collaborative exhibition at the The Springville Museum of Art, features the paintings and mixed media work of Jacqui Larsen, a two-time winner of the Utah Individual Artist Fellowship, and the poetry of our own Professor Lance Larsen, Utah’s Poet Laureate. While this married couple creates their work separately, their visions often overlap. Jacqui is the first reader of Lance’s poetry and Lance visits Jacqui’s studio daily to see work in progress. It’s not uncommon for a line of poetry to appear in a painting or for a painting to inspire a poem.

In this exhibition, Jacqui and Lance Larsen turn their attention to “the everything” within a three-mile radius of home studios taking “notes in images and words.” Three-Mile Radius runs until October 22nd.

Recently, they were both featured in The Gettysburg Reviewa premier national literary journal, where Lance has two poems, and Jacqui nine color reproductions.